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Create Animation

Make Your Own Animation And Become the Next YouTube Legend!

As time pass the animation field becomes much more approachable than it was before. It still takes lots of time and hard work to make your own decent animation from scratch, but making a cartoon today is not as hard as many people are used to think. Of course there are still artists that practice traditional animation and draw each frame by hand. Their work is very valuable and it is very touching to watch their creations. Those artists do not use automatic in-between keyframes, but even they usually do the painting process with their computer software.

TVPaint software for example is mostly used by classical animators.Most of the animators today do a great part of their work on their computer. There are various 2D and 3D animation programs that can enable them create amazing artworks. Some of those artworks can easily look handmade if that will be the animator's intention:
There is an enormous amount of 2D and 3D animation software. Some programs are very complex, some are very easy to use, some offer a complete package and some offer only particular features and have to be used together with other programs. There are also post production software that enables the artists to retouch their work after it was already created.With the help of technology not only professional animators can create animation works.
Today there are even platforms, that people who are without any experience in the field of animation can use, to create their own animation and cartoon characters. Those platforms enable people manually change the parameters of given body parts and then apply stock animations to them. By doing that, regular people are basically directing their own animated films.
Since export to Facebook and YouTube functions are embedded now days in almost every application those new animation creators can easily share their work with the world: And that can be done in a matter of seconds. So if you are creative enough, there should be nothing stopping you from becoming the next animation legend!